The SP828 has been discontinued, this information is for reference only.

The SP828 has individual outputs on each channel via balanced 1/4" jacks for direct feeds to any recording medium. Both line level inputs on 1/4" balanced jacks, and XLR balanced mic inputs are on the rear panel. When nothing is plugged into the line input of any channel, the mic/line switch of that channel defaults to a 20dB pad switch.
The output section has a stereo L/R output control and a headphone input with control for real time monitoring. In addition, there are L/R LED meters and a Solo LED for monitoring. The master section output has L/R outputs on 1/4" balanced jacks, and inserts for the L/R buss. There is a summed mono 1/4" output jack for an external feed.
Each unit has an expansion in/out jack to allow for cascading several units together to get up to 32 inputs where all 32 inputs buss to the L/R mix out, while offering 32 direct outputs for remote recording. The new SP828 incorporates an external power supply for clean operation.