SP828 Technical Specifications:


Frequency Response:

20Hz - 20kHz . +0/-0.5dB (Ref 1kHz)

THD+Noise : <0.002% THD 20Hz to 20kHz at -20dBu In, +15dBu out (35dB gain)
Phase Shift : <+/-10 degrees 20Hz to 20kHz
Gain Range : 10dB to 65dB
Pad: -25dB
Polarity: Reverse (-180 degrees)
XLR Input : 2k5 ohms Balanced, Pin 2 hot
EIN: <-127dBu (@150 ohm, 60dB gain)
Max Voltage Gain: XLR-In To Chan Balanced Out= 65dB
TRS Line Input : 15k ohms Balanced; Max Voltage Gain: TRS-In To Chan Balanced Out= 40dB
Channel Output : Gnd-Compensated/Impedance Bal TRS . Max Out= +21dBu
Mix Gain : Channel to L or R Output: +10dB
Mix Insert Points : TRS Jack . Tip= Send, Ring= Return
Mix Insert Levels= -2dBu
Power Requirements : 18VAC, 750mA
Power requirement: 48 +/- 4V
Size : 17.2" x 5.8" x 1.75" (1U)